There are currently 32.5 million small businesses in the US, and 99% don’t have any reward or loyalty system. This massive miss harms their business as a whole. You increase your sales and drive repeat business when you reward your customers. But, to be honest, what currently exists on the market is suboptimal, which is why we created Lealzy.

Lealzy is not only making it easy to deploy a reward system, but it’s also much more than a reward system. It is a reward management platform focused on positive consumer behavior.

With a fraction of the fees compared to the average merchant processor and an intelligent local network builder to facilitate win-win local business relationships, Lealzy will revolutionize earning potential and FUN for millions of businesses worldwide.

Here’s how lealzy works

Business Adds Various Ways For Patrons To Earn Credits

Lealzy Credits Are Issued To The Patron By The Business

Credits Can Be Used At Any Business Inside Of The CITY

When Credits Are Redeemed The Source Of Credits Pays The Redeemer

Everyone Is Happy — Business Is Staying Local And Small

Lealzy will change the game for small businesses

It’s a FREE platform that will actually save you money. The Lealzy Transaction Fee is 50% less than the average merchant processing fee.

It empowers patrons to Stay Local and Stay Small through our local CITY system.

It allows patrons to use their points in any local business that is part of the CITY.

It motivates positive behaviors for your business.

It dramatically increases retention, repeat purchases, goodwill, and overall sales.
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